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Brand Positioning


Welcome to your own home

Welcome to your own home. YouOwn is a breath of fresh air for New Zealand that offers a helping hand to home owners. Though co-ownership, we help Kiwi’s into their own homes, when before it just wasn’t financially possible.

The ask.

Create overarching strategy, language and all on and offline brand touchpoints. Then announce to NZ the arrival of this fantastic product.

The approach.

This project needed copy and design solutions that simply distilled and communicated the concept of “Shared Ownership” which can seem complicated to the unfamiliar. We created a friendly and engaging brand experience that looks clean, fresh and modern. Simple and concise infographics demonstrate how the product works. A 60 second explanation video demonstrates the consumer journey with engaging animations. This design philosophy was also applied to corporate communications and legal documentation.

The result.

A complete brand environment that communicates the stability of a banking institution, without the corporate stuffiness.


Brand strategy, positioning, brand story, copywriting, story-boarding, art direction, video production, identity design, print collateral, website design and build, print procurement, digital advertising.

YouOwn Brand Identity
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