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A creative studio of misfits, experts and smartasses

About us

We’re a business-focussed creative agency with a team of talented specialists that thrive on making businesses smarter and bigger.

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary. We’re the guys that continually add value and we’re at our best when we challenge conventional thinking. Working at the intersection of design, content and technology, our focus is creating change, growth and success for the businesses we partner with.

Companies choose us because we deliver tailored creative strategies and beautiful design solutions. Our clients also enjoy seeing their marketing spend go further, and making a bigger impact not otherwise possible with large agency networks.

Above all else, our clients trust us to deliver. Oh, and they like that we’re nice.

Keir Robertson

Principal + design stuff

Titles: (HCDA) Head of Creative Dark Arts. Addiction councillor.
Expertise: Branding. UI design. Client relations. Corporate comms. Diplomacy.
Animal totem: The Wookie; usually calm, gentle and mild-mannered, but not when provoked.
Drinks: Coffee – all types. Rum. Rum and coffee together.
Fave Quote: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Interests: To make the perfect hamburger. Shaping the perfect garden hedge. Shoes.
Ambitions: To raise his children to be independent and leave home at 18.

Lee Musham

Principal + design stuff

Titles: (HWC) Head Whip Cracker. Tea lady. Accounts.
Expertise: Packaging. Retail. Campaign. Event. Promotions. Digital advertising. Poems. Ridiculous deadlines.
Animal totem: The Otter; fast, inquisitive, agile, cheeky, brown and likes seafood.
Drinks: Coffee, tea, beer, repeat.
Fave Quote: Never raise your hand to your children - it leaves your midsection unprotected.
Interests: Finding things to cut down with his chainsaw. Navigating the constantly changing challenges of raising 3 teenagers.
Ambitions: To master the art of yoga so he can clean himself like cats and dogs do.

Alex Clark

Associate + code stuff

Titles: (HOT) Head of Technology. In-house tattooist.
Expertise: Website design and coding. Problem solving. Production specialist. Korean translator.
Animal totem: The Baby Duck; Cute, fluffy, waterproof and wades thought mountains of shit to get the job done.
Drinks: Long black, jägermeister, tequila
Fave Quote: Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.
Interests: Propagating cuttings stolen from garden centres. Kimchi. Long beach walks with the dog. Picking up dog poo.
Ambitions: To grow my hair into a man bun and win the ‘123 Karaoke Bar’ sing-off championship. To be as good at table tennis as Lee & Keir.

Charlotte Henry

Writer + idea stuff

Titles: Chief word nerd. Potty mouth. Visitor from Hawke’s Bay.
Expertise: Ideas. Word crafting. Witty headlines. Thinking. Overthinking. Anxiety.
Animal totem: Duck; elegance up top, madness underneath.
Drinks: Yes please.
Fave Quote: Don’t be a dick.
Interests: Gin. Champagne. Yacht rock. Binge watching true crime. Insomnia.
Ambitions: To be a good human and to raise good humans.

Paul Stockton

Associate + eye candy

Titles: (COC) Chief of Computing.
Expertise: Digital security and maintenance, IT systems, Yarn spinning, Troublemaking & troubleshooting.
Animal totem: The Piglet; Chubby, Cute, Alway eating and loves a nap.
Drinks: Anything dark and steamy
Fave Quote: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
Interests: Sailing the Hauraki Gulf. Going overseas to Waiheke and procuring wine glasses. Cheese.
Ambitions: To be adopted by a wealthy interracial couple e.g. Keir & Lee.

Sean Timlin

Associate + code stuff

Titles: (HOW) Head of Web, Energy Drink Connoisseur.
Expertise: Web development, solving other peoples problems. Mixology.
Animal totem: Meerkat; The dark circles under my eyes act as natural sunglasses.
Drinks: Anything > 5% ABV.
Fave Quote: There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
Interests: Guitars. Music. Technology. Endlessly researching alternatives to the thing I know I’ll buy anyway.
Ambitions: Have a full head of grey hair before I’m 35.

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