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Build on solid ground at any height

Workdek supplies modular, stable work platforms to builders who need to work efficiently and safely at any height. Their platform is as stable and fast as working on the ground, therefore reducing stresses on the body. Builders are now much more productive on site using this product.

The ask.

Create the name, positioning, identity and online presence for Workdek.

The approach.

Our first challenge was to create a brand name that spoke to the nature of the product with international URL availability and eventual trademarking. After many long hours, coffees, several whiteboard markers and rum and cokes, we arrived at The name was cleverly complimented with a “w” shaped icon that stylistically resembles the interlocking platform components. Paired with a custom drawn typeface and a strong primary colour palette, we created a robust brandmark.

The result.

We have positioned Workdek as the ultimate tool to improve productivity and safety while increasing profits.


Naming, brand strategy, positioning, brand story, identity design, print collateral, website design and build, print procurement, trade show design, photography planning & art direction, PR Management, digital advertising.

Workdek logo
Workdek logo mark
Workdek business cards
David Grigor – Director – Workdek

“The challenging and complex process of creating a unique brand name was made simple by the team at Intuit Creative. Through their process they crafted a simple and memorable name that speaks to the true nature of the product. Trademarks and global URLs were secured and we now have a brand of tremendous value.”

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