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Increasing productivity with Workdek

The ask.

Workdek is a revolutionary new product to the New Zealand market that will change the way builders work. We were asked to position the brand in a way that will resonate with scaffolders and builders and convince them that workdek is the betterway to build versus existing net systems that are proven not to work.

The approach.

Workdek exists to make builders more efficient by allowing them to work safely at any height on stable ground. Currently in the New Zealand market there is a reliance on nets which aren’t particularly safe, allowing things to fall through – potentially hitting workers below. Workdek has been positioned to clearly demonstrate its ease of installation and use along with the financial benefits of adopting this product.

The result.

Workdek is the only building platform enabling builders to work quickly and safely at height. The positioning is strong and clearly demonstrates a better way to build. It speaks clearly to issues associated with contruction in New Zealand and provides an obvious and unbeatable alternative.

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Build more. Make more.
Build more. Make more.
Nets are so last century. Say hello to Workdek, your new stable work mate.
Workdek supplies modular work platforms to builders who need to work efficiently and safely at any height.   Working on our platform is as stable and fast as working on the ground.
Workdek logo against construction background
Workdek logo