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Turanga Creek - Wine

Sustainable wines with their roots in nature

Turanga Creek Vineyard began as a landscaping idea. Wayne and Mandy Allen purchased the property 20 years ago when it was a rundown stud farm plant a small vineyard - just over 1/2 a hectare. It grew into what it is today - 8 hectares planted in a variety of vines from the Rhone Valley. This includes Pinot Gris, Viognier and Syrah. They practice a respectable agricultural production, maintaining the symbiotic relationship between themselves and the natural surroundings. It is important in our lifetime for people to understand the effects of growing within these boundaries for recyclable resources. Consumption and decided to of products and goods made with the support of elements found in your everyday environment, free from harmful residual chemicals, are risk free in terms of any adverse effects as they come directly from "Mother Nature". This is the reason why they farm organically and are certified with Biogro.

The ask.

Create label design systems for the Reserve and Estate wine range. Create the identity for the Brewery and product labels for the ciders and beers. Position the brand as a premium New Zealand organic offering.

The approach.

Both the Reserve and Estate wine labels feature an illustration of a stylised landscape cross-section that symbolises the wines connection with the ‘Terroir’ (soil, topography, and climate). The Reserve range labels are printed on organic papers and embellished with silver foil, embossing and raised inks - creating a beautiful tactile experience when the customer engages with the bottle. Our approach with the Estate range was an exercise in consistency, simplicity and restraint. A bolder and more masculine design approach was taken with the Brewery beers and ciders. A dark grey background was used to anchor the products and a monogram was created as the Brewery logo. The cider labels contain subtle design cues taken from the wine labels - connecting the ranges as a family.

The result.

The Reserve range firmly established itself as a premium New Zealand wine. The unique design system and the clever use of print embellishments makes this range a head-turner on shelf and beautifully communicates the passion the owners and winemaker put into each bottle. The Estate range label design follows key design elements from the Reserve range, executed in a dialled back and more lively manner dressing these products as serious every day table wines.

Turanga Creek Wine Reserve Range
Turanga Creek Wine Reserve Syrah
Turanga Creek Wine Reserve Malbec
Turanga Creek Wine Reserve Viognier
Turanga Creek Wine Reserve Pinot Gris
Turanga Creek Wine Estate Range
Turanga Wines Estate Viognier
Turanga Creek Estate Rosé
Turanga Wines Estate Pinot Gris
Turanga Creek Wine Estate Merlot