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Turanga Creek - Cider

Bottled summer

The ask.

Design 4 limited edition cider labels and cans for Turanga Creek Brewery. Pay subtle tribute to the design DNA used on the ‘parent’ vineyard wine labels.

The approach.

This design system was the result of a hybrid concept between the vineyard wine labels and the brewery beer labels.

The result.

A product range that proudly displays its beer and winemaking roots in a refreshingly delicious way.


Project management. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Turanga Creek Cider Range
Turanga Creek Cider Bottle Berry
Turanga Creek Cider Bottle Apple
Turanga Creek Cider Bottle Feijoa
Turanga Creek Cider Bottle Citrus
Turanga Cider Cans Apple and Feijoa
Turanga Creek Cider Cans Citrus and Berry