Intuit Creative Design Ltd.


The Box Office

Elite boxing & functional training

The ask.

Build a flexible platform that allows for customisation and integration with other tools and services.

The approach.

We selected Craft CMS as the content management system for this project due to the level of customisation that can be achieved, along with the plethora of ready-made integrations available on Craft's plugin marketplace. As the client has two very separate business objectives – a gym subscription as well as a retail business – we had to design with these separate user journeys front of mind. We built The Box Office's website to integrate with their booking system, as well as having full ecommerce functionality, and an integration with both Xero and Afterpay.

The result.

A scalable system with a clear user journey for both gym members and retail customers.

The tech.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Backend: Craft CMS, Craft Commerce

The Box Office website on laptop
The Box Office website on mobile phones