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The ask.

Where previously broker-centric, Star Insurance Specialists has grown and expanded in to the retail space. The brief was to create a new website which is optimised for conversion with retail customers, while providing better resources for the existing broker client base. Showcase the diversity of the product portfolio whilst visually reinforcing the move to a “Branded House" strategy.

The approach.

By analyzing visitor numbers and referral sources, along with tracking movement on site through heatmaps – create a refined user flow, site map and navigation system. With this in place, design a multitude of unique page templates which allow for flexible content authoring, allowing the website to scale as required without requiring structural changes. Build product-specific FAQ modules which are easily edited through the CMS. Integrate Chatbot functionality to offer customers instant responses to queries. Create a system for displaying upcoming industry events to further engage both retail and broker customers. Complete photoshoots to showcase the diverse product offering, while maintaining brand tonality throughout.

The result.

A rich online insurance experience brought to the retail space which is conversion-focussed, without alienating the existing customer base. A simple content authoring experience for staff, giving them the freedom to create new pages and articles without having to worry about brand standards or any code.

The tech.

Front-end: HTML, CSS, ES6 JavaScript

Back-end: Silverstripe

Other: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Chatbot

Next steps.

Continue to measure and analyze data through the quote process, and optimise to offer the most seamless user experience.

Star insurance website on laptop
Star insurance website on mobile
Star insurance website on laptop
Star insurance website on mobile
Star insurance website on laptop
Star insurance website on mobile phones
Star insurance website on laptop
Nicholas Baker – CEO – Star Insurance Specialists

“The Intuit Creative team have revolutionised how our staff and customers interact and transact online. They have created an engaging and intuitive user experience and developed custom back-end solutions specific to our customer and staff needs.”

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