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Salus Aviation

Excellence at altitude

We offer precision, excellence and forward thinking, and are one of the strongest general aviation specialists in Australasia. The Salus group has been operating in the aviation industry throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific region for over 20 years and provide fully maintained aircraft leases though Oceania Aviation - our MRO subsidiary. Flight operations throughout the central North Island are undertaken by our subsidiary - Gisborne Helicopters and Heartland Helicopters. The Salus group is one of the fastest growing general aviation specialists in the Southern hemisphere.

The ask.

Define the single minded brand proposition, tagline and brand story. Then create an identity system to work effective on both online and traditional print applications.

The approach.

The tagline “Excellence at altitude” and supporting positional copy firmly places Salus as the pre-eminent providers at aircraft maintenance with the highest safety standards from ground to sky. Inspiration of the design of the logo was taken from an artificial horizon cockpit dial and combined with a stylised 'S' to form a clever icon to complement the word-mark and associated brand assents.

The result.

A clean, modern, and precise brand and design language was created which perfectly reflects the company.


Positioning, brand story, identity design, print collateral, website design and build, print procurement.

Salus IPO document
Salus IPO document open
Man fixing plane engine
Salus website on laptop
Salus website on mobile phones