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Roma Coffee Roasters

A fresh positioning for Roma coffee

The ask.

One of New Zealand’s original, heritage coffee brands, Roma needed to refresh their position in the market with a more contemporary identity, brand voice and messaging.

The approach.

Roma had a loyal following in their local community but it was time to spread their wings to match the expanding brand. We wanted to keep the iconic and endearing brand elements of the New Zealand native birds and house colours but give them a modern twist. Fresh, simple and engaging brand messaging was needed to relaunch Roma and remind its followers why it was their coffee of choice.

The result.

A strong, charming and independent brand that has a clear position in the market. Warmth, expertise and passion is clearly communicated through the combination of identity and voice.

Roma mark
Wake with the birds
The sweet song of great coffee

The brand story

Coffee lovers and crafters, we’re up with the birds every day to bring you the finest and freshest coffee. Roasted and blended with art and care, our signature Roma blends awaken the senses and warm the soul. We’re passionate about bringing the sweet song of great coffee to coffee lovers across New Zealand.

A proudly family-owned and operated business, our family has been crafting coffee for more than 30 years and is one of the pioneers of the New Zealand coffee industry. It was 1983 in Auckland when Lance Wyatt started roasting coffee – one of the first in town to do so. His espressos were an inspiring change from the filter coffee available then. When the flat whites and coffee craze took hold in the 1990s, our family was riding the caffeine wave. Roma was created by Kym and Aaron Wyatt in Drury in 2007 and quickly grew a cult following in the community. When it comes to coffee, the key for us is freshness. We can serve you coffee straight from our roaster. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Our craft is our passion and we’ve been recognised for our coffee with numerous local and international awards. We pride ourselves on using old school Italian techniques combined with a distinct New Zealand style. We think our smooth, balanced and delicious coffee is the best way to start your day. Join us at one of our café roasteries and discover the sweet song of Roma for yourself.

Roma. Wake with the birds.

Roasted daily to bring you the sweet song of great coffee.
We have coffee in the blood and hospitality in our DNA.
Roma brand mark
Roma coffee roasters logo