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Roma Coffee Roasters

Delivering supply and demand since 1983

Roma Coffee was created by Kym and Aaron Wyatt in Drury in 2007 and quickly grew a cult following in the community. When it comes to coffee, the key for us is freshness. Roma can serve you coffee straight from their roaster. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Their craft is their passion and they have been recognised for their coffee with numerous local and international awards. They pride themselves on using old school Italian techniques combined with a distinct New Zealand style.

The ask.

Revitalise an old, tired brand with a new identity and positioning. Retain some historical elements from the old logo, but reimagine it with modernity. Take the brand from being identified as a cheap bakery coffee brand and reposition to attract the interest of premium coffee establishments .

The approach.

From the outset we made a consistent decision to preserve the brand colours and the Roma name. We reimagined the native bird roundel in a contemporary linear illustration style and complimented this with a modern, bold serif stencil word-mark. We designed the identity to be stackable in various formats to accommodate the wide variety of applications - from cups and bags to mobile phones and delivery vans. An aggressive online B2B campaign was launched, to create brand awareness and showcase the repositioning of this innovative New Zealand roastery.

The result.

Exceeding the clients expectations - we turned custom perception on its head and helped position this business as a supplier to desirable high-street cafés. Customer engagement is at an all time high - as is brand equity.


Positioning, brand story, identity design, print collateral, uniforms, mobile coffee cart design, packaging, cup design, photography planning & art direction, website design and build, print and digital advertising.

Roma logo before and after
Roma logo
Roma coffee cups
Roma coffee being extracted
Roma coffee bags 200g
Roma website on laptop
Roma coffee website on mobile
Roma embroidery on shirt
Roma van signage
Aaron Wyatt – Director – Roma Coffee

"Intuits repositioning of the Roma brand has really created a stir in the industry with café’s seeking out our coffee for their café’s, bars and restaurants. Our new cups proudly showcase the brand and the retail bags look impressive on the shelf."

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