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Roma Coffee Roasters

The sweet song of great coffee

Coffee lovers and crafters, we’re up with the birds every day to bring you the finest and freshest coffee. Roasted and blended with art and care, our signature Roma blends awaken the senses and warm the soul. We’re passionate about bringing the sweet song of great coffee to coffee lovers across New Zealand. A proudly family-owned and operated business, our family has been crafting coffee for more than 30 years and is one of the pioneers of the New Zealand coffee industry.

The ask.

The well known heritage coffee brand – Roma – needed to refresh their position in the market with a more contemporary packaging design.

The approach.

After helping the brand spread its wings with a new identity, brand voice and messaging - our focus then turned to packaging this flavourful product. Brave use of negative space and bold brand colours allow important information to shine. A deliciously simple design experience for a deliciously complex bag of flavour.

The result.

Increased market share and brand equity. We have injected the ‘want factor’ into the brand. The client told us that one of their customers was so in love with the new look bags and cups, that they asked them for permission to have the bird logo tattooed on their arm. We obviously created a lasting brand impression.


Project management. Positioning. Illustration. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction. Advertising. Website.

Roma Coffee Roasters 1kg bag
Roma Coffee Roasters Cups
Roma Coffee Roasters 200g bag
Roma Coffee Roasters Cup in hand
Roma Coffee Roasters Cups
Roma Coffee Roasters cup in machine