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Rainbow Confectionery

Sweet treats that are naturally awesome!

Rainbow Confectionery is the largest confectionery manufacturer in New Zealand, producing iconic products including the original Kiwi-made pineapple chunks, choc coated baby fish, marshmallows, mints, fizzies and a vast range of gummi confectionery.

The ask.

Create the identity and packaging for the 'Awesome Naturals' range. Appeal to both children and parents and communicate the products unique selling points effectively.

The approach.

Creating a brand logo encapsulated within bold organic leaf shapes connected this product with its key benefit of being natural - with no artificial colours or flavours. A series of cute and playful characters were created using bold colours and textures to engage with younger customers. The grass-scape footer at the base of the bags, with a clear window panel unifies the range and allows the customer to see the confectionery inside the packet.

The result.

A fun, lively and engaging brand experience that stands out in a very crowded and competitive area of the supermarket.


Project management. Illustration. Packaging design. Production design.

Awesome naturals coke bottles
Awesome naturals sketch
Sketch vector
Awesome naturals render
Awesome naturals nuts & bolts
Awesome naturals group shot
Tracie Maree – Customer – Rainbow Confectionery

"I really love the packaging of these lollies. The colours are nice and bright and caught the eye of my kids when we went shopping. I love the shaped window allowing you to see the product inside. The bag design beautifully shows that the lollies are all natural, containing no artificial colours, sweeteners of preservatives. Love the fact that these are made in New Zealand too."

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