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Postage Stamp Wines

Boutique wines from a boutique Island

Postage Stamp is a collection of high quality, boutique Waiheke Island wines from a selection of small, artisan vineyards. Often made from classical and sometimes unexpected grape varieties, each Postage Stamp wine delights with exceptional flavour and its own unique character that is reminiscent of the wine's particular time and place. Founded by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart, the Postage Stamp range of wines originate from to our desire to create quality wines that reflect where they come from, which are also exploratory and distinct enough to appeal to the sophisticated wine palette.

The ask.

Create new look labels for the Postage Stamp Vineyard family of wines whist being respectful to the nostalgic elements of the existing labels.

The approach.

Using an evolutionary approach we continued the commissioning of a local artist to create sketches of personal significance to the owner - unique to each wine variety. We wrapped this around a contemporary design incorporating a splash of colour to identify the varietals.

The result.

A nostalgic design steer with modern typography, creating a unique counterpoint for a handsome range of wines.


Project management. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Postage stamp wines range
Postage stamp wines Sparkling Chardonnay
Postage stamp wines Chardonnay
Postage stamp wines Sparkling Rosé
Postage stamp wines Rosé
Postage stamp wines Syrah
Andrew Lockhart – General Manager – Postage Stamp Wines

“Intuit took our existing wine labels and transformed them through a thoughtful step change design process. They respectfully modernised the look of our wines and we are delighted with the results.”

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