Intuit Creative Design Ltd.


Majestic Horse Floats

The royal treatment for your horse

The ask.

Modernise an old site and provide a great content-authoring experience with an easy-to-use booking form.

The approach.

We designed a modern-looking website to complement the prestige of the Majestic brand. We completed a photoshoot at one of their stables to populate the site with fresh imagery and show the 'people behind the brand'. The content management system (CMS) we selected was Wordpress, as the client had previous experience with this – and we were able to create a 'page builder' authoring experience.

The result.

A highly flexible website which is easy to integrate with marketing tools. The client saw a huge uptake of customers booking their horse travel online within a week of the new site being launched. The implementation of the booking form has refined their internal processes due to less double-handling, and having required information upfront.

The tech.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Backend: Wordpress

Majestic website on mobile phones
Majestic website on laptop
Horse float truck on road
Handler with horse