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Mackenzie Coffee

Fuel for the south hits Foodstuffs

The Wyatt family of coffee roasters was born and bred in the South Island. From the early days dairy farming in Hari Hari on the West Coast, they learned that hard work reaped rewards and that hard work is sustained by fuel and a committed team. Over 3 decades of roasting and creating delicious coffee that fuels the South Island.

The ask.

Create eye-catching takeaway cups and 200g retail bags that communicate the brand essence.

The approach.

Using the ‘MacKenzie modern’ tartan pattern as a key brand asset, we created a position of heritage, distinction and credibility – contrasted with a modern, brave usage of typography and strong use of colour. Clear and distinct number/strength indicators on the front panel help the customer identity the roast strength.

The result.

A unique, bold and beautiful brand experience that stands out on the shelf and elegantly communicates the fact that this is a product and crafted with love by Mainlanders, for Mainlanders.


Project management. Identity design. Copywriting. Icon design. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Mackenzie Coffee Co 200g Retail Pack 3
Mackenzie Coffee Co beans
Mackenzie Coffee Co Cup Large
Mackenzie Coffee Co Cup in hand
Mackenzie Coffee Co Cup Small
Roz Cattel – General Manager – MacKenzie Coffee Co.

"We are thrilled with the identity, packaging and positioning of MacKenzie Coffee Co. as an authentic South Island coffee brand. Intuit have helped us implement all aspects of the brand with creative for our retail, website and wholesale business. They are true brand stewards."

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