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MacKenzie Coffee

Fuel for the South

The ask.

Create a suite of copy that positions the brand as the South Island’s coffee authority. Inject personality and quirky humour into key messaging and brand story.

The approach.

We created a “semi-factual” back story to the historical character of James MacKenzie whom the brand ironically steals its name from.

The result.

A uniquely refreshing and memorable brand story with key headlines for a company that is serious about coffee but not so serious that it can’t be playful with its brand language.

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Mackenzie Coffe cups

The Brand Story
If you’re going to spend your day driving 1,000 sheep across a mountain and over vast plains, then pass them off as your own in return for a handsome profit, you’ll want a strong coffee to start your day off right. Your day may not involve rustling sheep but there’ll be challenges, scheming and happenings ahead, so choose the coffee that was made for here. James MacKenzie took sheep, now we’ve taken his name and given it to our delicious coffee that fuels the South Island.

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Roz Cattel – General Manager – MacKenzie Coffee Co.

"We are thrilled with the identity, packaging and positioning of MacKenzie Coffee Co. as an authentic South Island coffee brand. Intuit have helped us implement all aspects of the brand with creative for our retail, website and wholesale business. They are true brand stewards."

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