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Leanne's Kitchen

A whole lot of healthy - wrapped in a dumpling

Leanne’s Kitchen is the largest producer of dumplings in the country and have been serving New Zealanders for over 12 years. You will find their 6 ranges of dumplings available at all leading foodservice outlets, supermarkets and specialist food retailers nationwide.

The ask.

Create the identity and packaging for the Leanne’s Kitchens dumpling range. Position the products as a quick, easy, healthy and delicious meal for the whole family.

The approach.

We wanted our client to own this segment. We created a sea of colour on the packs to complement the sea of flavours with the dumplings. A simple yet visually striking design system based on sliced shapes and angles both in the logo and on the packs. The simplicity of the design reflecting how simple it is to prepare the delicious product.

The result.

Dramatic brush scripts and sliced angles of colour create an impactful statement in the freezer chest at the supermarket. The new pack designs resulted in huge growth for the company and the move to suppling export markets.


Project management. Identity design. Icon design. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Dumpling packaging design

Steve Turner – Managing Director – Leanne's Kitchen

“We asked for vibrant and impactful - Inuit Creative delivered. The sliced angular design DNA of our packs really creates a vivid eye catching product in a bland crowded area of the supermarket freezer. With Intuits help we have gained considerable market share and have secured our position as a go-to kiwi brand in our segment.”

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