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Global Cuisine

A world of flavours on your plate

The Global Cuisine range of classic Kiwi sauces, crumbs and coatings have been in NZ supermarkets and specialty stores since the 80’s. Intuit Creative was asked to review the brand and retail packaging and put forward design recommendations that re-invigorated and re-engaged the products with consumers.

The ask.

Inject modernity and appetite appeal throughout the family of products. Showcase new innovative pouch and bottle containers. Create on-shelf visibility.

The approach.

We started by respectfully modernising the brand mark. Preserving the basic half circle shape and applying modern treatments to both type and colour. The circle and half circle shape underpin the architecture to all packaging applications.

The result.

The use of bright product colours on dark slate textures accentuates the beautiful product photography and create a strong on-shelf presence. The new design system translates seamlessly through all product SKU's and packaging types.


Project management. Identity design. Icon design. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Global Cuisine logo before and after
Global cuisine memphis burger sauce bottle packaging
Global cuisine original burger sauce bottle packaging
Global cuisine sauce bottle group
Global cuisine simmer sauce packaging
Global cuisine simmer sauce mix design