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DonnellDay Architecture was founded in 2008 by Lisa Day. Known across New Zealand as leaders in intuitive architecture, they have more than three decades of experience on award winning projects in NZ and the United Kingdom. With every project they undertake, they bring feeling, expertise and ingenuity, along with professionalism, warmth and understanding. Their collective desire is to create spaces that are designed for people and connect them to the environment and community they live in. DonnellDay Architecture are known for having heart and soul, and utilising sustainable design techniques to make the most of light, site, budget and the environment.

The ask.

Develop refreshed brand positioning for Donnell Day Architects. Explore tagline and brand story directions, considering brand language and tone for an eventual website. To communicate that Donnell Day Architects deliver:

  • Intuitive architecture
  • Designs that consider the environment, landscape and people
  • Bespoke residential homes
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Spaces for everyday rituals
  • Designs that infuse and integrate the natural landscape

The approach.

Donnell Day Architects wanted to find a better way to communicate their offering. To ensure an essence of femininity, elegance and grace was communicated without being too ‘girly!’ To be approachable warm and premium. To be professional.

The result.

Strong brand foundations that speak to the heart of the business, brand positioning, brand story and taglines that are a simple expression of the business.


Positioning, brand story, identity design, print collateral, website design and build.

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