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Daisy Chang

Social eat house

The ask.

Design, develop and deploy a hip-looking website for customers to browse menus and make reservations.

The approach.

We designed the Daisy Chang website to complement the chic, minimal aesthetic of the brand we'd created. The use of high-contrast black and white with small accents of the red colour work together to create a striking website with easy readability. We used Wordpress as the CMS for this project, to allow the client to quickly build and edit menus as the seasonal ingredients change. We integrated the website with ResDiary to handle table bookings, which in turn connects to Daisy Chang's Point of Sale system.

The result.

We have help firmly secure Daisy Chang as the go-to, hip Asia eatery in East Auckland.

The tech.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Backend: Wordpress

Daisy Chang website on laptop
Daisy Chang website on mobile phones