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The ask.

Re-design all of Corson’s 20 & 25kg bulk ingredient bags.

The approach.

Being a bulk ingredient product sold predominantly to trade, the new packaging design system had to be perfunctory and devoid of any unnecessary embellishments. Our stripped back design system displays all critical information on all sides of the bags. All artwork is reproduced in one colour, saving on production costs.

The result.

The strong use of colour coding enabled warehouse staff to easily identify individual products among hundreds of warehouse pallets. Customers have become familiar with the colour coding system and now reference colour when re-ordering.


Project management. Icon design. Packaging design. Production design. Art direction.

Corson Maize Flour 20kg bag
Corson Whole Maize 20kg bag
Corson Superfine Polenta 20kg bag
Corson Butterfly Popcorn 20kg bag