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Elanco Metabolics

Injectable & oral metabolic supplements

Achieve the right balance with Bayer metabolics.

A cow’s ultimate balancing act – the transition period - doesn’t always play out as planned, giving way to metabolic problems. That’s when it’s time to reach for a bag or a bottle of Bayer metabolic solutions.

The ask.

Design an identity system for the Metabolics Range and create an over-arching look for all print collateral elements contain within sales packs for vets and farmers. The wider campaign including folders, posters, infographic charts, application charts, product catalogues, swing tags, adverts, social media tiles, illustration, animations and promotional competitions.

The approach.

The design DNA revolves around droplet shapes that symbolically represent the medicines within their predominantly liquid carriers. Bold colours and clean information architecture communicate complex symptoms and innovative medicinal solutions.

The result.

We have successfully managed and evolved the look of the Metabolics campaigns for over 5 years. Creating new design steers each year that engage with the customers.


Identity design, campaign creative, brochure design, poster design, info-graphics, illustration, packaging, animations, social media tiles.

Bayer achieve balance book
Bayer achieve balance book open
Bayer achieve balance book open
Bayer spring pack packaging
Bayer metabolics promotional poster
Bayer metabolics flyer
Bayer metabolics flyer