Intuit Creative Design Ltd.



Ready to work smarter?

The ask.

Build a website which explains the unique business offering in a simple way, and prequalifies potential customers.

The approach.

While a brochure website in the first instance, due to the potential of further functionality in future – we built it with Silverstripe CMS. This allows us to provide a great content editing experience, while leaving us the freedom to build new features with the Silverstripe framework as required. We built the site in a modular fashion, making use of Silverstripe Elemental's "content blocks" to provide the client a page-builder experience.

The result.

A scalable platform with no limits on how content can be created, while ensuring each page is always on brand.

The tech.

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back-end: Silverstripe CMS

Altivate website on laptop
Altivate website on mobile phones