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A new voice for Altivate

The ask.

We were asked to develop brand foundations and a refreshed brand voice for Altivate including vision, values, personality, positioning and brand story.

The approach.

Altivate saw an opportunity to devise Cloud-based solutions for business security and created an innovative offering that was forward-thinking compared to competitors. To capitalise on this opportunity we needed to find a way to express what and who Altivate was in a clear, simple way. The new voice needed to be fresh and take an emotive stance rather than an expected dry, rational route.

The result.

Strong brand foundations that speak to the heart of the business. And a contemporary, simple and fresh expression of the business told through brand identity and voice.

Altivate logo mark
A better way to business
Working smarter

The Brand Story.

We’ve been in business for a number of years and we’ve seen how a number of businesses operate in that time. What we noticed, was that many business owners and teams in charge of operations were frustrated with outdated, awkward systems and processes. We knew there was a better way to do things. So wehelped one company. And then another one. And we realised there was something we were quite good at. Understanding what businesses were trying to do, and helping them to do that with more efficient, streamlined and smarter solutions.

We help businesses manage their assets, their security and access. There’s no server room, cumbersome hardware or dated equipment. Instead, we use the Cloud. And it’s a pretty good place to be. It provides remote access and continuous visibility for us and the company, and software upgrades and updates in real time. It also means that things run more smoothly and with less stress than before. And that means everyone can get on with the job at hand.

Partnership is at the heart of what we do. We work with people who like us, take pride in what they do, appreciate the people around them and are driven to find better ways to do things. Innovation is essential and an open mind is favourable. It’s all about decluttering the hard stuff and working smarter.

Welcome to Altivate. A better way to business.

We help businesses realise their potential and work more efficiently. We help them to manage their assets and security, and create clever solutions to get them working smarter.
Welcome to altivate. A better way to business
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