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12th February 2020

Adrian Frutiger logos, 1960s–70s

“The great stroke of luck in my life is to have been blessed first with an artistic feeling for shapes, and second with an easy grasp of technical processes and of mathematics.”

While the late Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger (1928–2015) is best known for his renowned typefaces such as Univers, Avenir, and Frutiger, many people are less familiar with the symbols and monograms he designed. Here’s a selection from the sixties and seventies.

The quotes are from Frutiger’s book, Signs and Symbols (PDF via Monoskop), where he talks about the meaning behind basic shapes and their combinations.

Frutiger logos #1
Frutiger logos #2
Frutiger Logos #3
Frutiger Logos #4

“For primitive humans, the circle was certainly of strong symbolic importance due to its association with sun, moon, and stars. Today, it is still associated with wheels and gears of every kind. Without the ability to travel, modern life on the ever-widening area of our daily world would be hardly imaginable. We will therefore use the circle form to establish some differentiation in the psychological effect on the viewer.”

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